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Do you belong to the Travel Industry? Digitize your business now

The traveling industry is growing, and the need to go digital has increased.
We can build you a travel app that can solve all your business problems. Establish your brand with a fully-fledged mobile or web application and resolve the problems faced b the people associated with the travel industry. Apps for the travel industry do not necessarily have to be related to airline booking or ticketing. There can be several other ideas you can think of to build a travel app.

Let us build you the best Travel Application

We ask our clients to discuss their business requirements with us and we assist them in brainstorming to refine their ideas for better and smooth results. Highly responsive, user-friendly, and robust apps will attract your audience, and we make sure to give you a solution that stands out in the market.

At 5stardesigners, we provide all Travel mobile app development services. Either you want to have small and simple features like safe and efficient ticket booking and news updates on airlines or advanced features like chatbots, intelligent decision making, analytics, and regular maintenance. You can have it all in one app with our app development services.


Whether it is global or local travel, the need is increasing day by day. Ride-sharing and carpooling applications are the most in-demand apps in the travel industry today. To stand out in this market businesses need to make their software apps scalable and unique in such a way that users find it easy and fulfilling to use as compared to other apps.


These types of apps are the most common ones in the market. We provide travel app development services using the latest and most advanced technologies. Our apps are highly interactive and engaging to retain the consumers on the app Build a travel app that lets your users do the booking and ticketing online for their travel needs.


Digitize your travel business now and establish your brand name among your audience. Tourism is at its peak in most countries. And Agencies that provide tourism services can transform it into an app that can assist people looking to travel. Enable travelers to find the best tour guide along with the cost of travel, hotel, and assistance on each trip.


The people involved in the travel industry need to manage all their resources like employees, assets, budgets, etc. We can build a customized ERP solution for you that fulfills all the needs of your traveling business. And we can also give the best user experience. Create, manage and update the resources, budgets, invoices, and much more in your ERP system and scale your business.

Why you should choose us for Travel App Development?

On a global scale, numerous tech giants have contributed to delivering healthcare solutions. Therefore, it’s the best way to pick the healthcare app development company that has previously evolved the IT market in healthcare.

Whether you’re, you’re seeking out nearshore or an offshore healthcare software program improvement, dealer choice is probably a protracted and complex process. Here’s what to search for in an ability dealer:

With – years of experience in the app development industry; our technical team is dedicated to making the most actionable results and creating a high-value return on your business investment.We have 


Highly Responsive

Your travel application should work similarly on every device. And to achieve high responsiveness in app development, we have our professional team ready who delivers the best responsive designs and a user-friendly interface to your users. This also attracts the users and increases the user base of your business.


Have you ever used an app that delivered your desired outcome and you loved using it? When users use such an app, they always want to share it with others so that everyone can benefit from it. Your app can have any travel service along with a recommendation or a share option through which users can share their experience with others or invite friends and family to use the app

Maps & Geolocations

Maps have become mandatory in today's applications. Either it is a travel app or any other. GPS systems are mostly integrated into the apps based on their business requirements. Travel Apps is the most authentic use case of using maps and having geolocation enabled for the users. It helps them guide them through the routes and helps them in knowing about their current live location anywhere in the world

Real-time chat Feature

Just like maps, Real time chat is also an essential feature in apps nowadays. Consult with travel agents and other travel service providers with a real-time chatting feature. Be able to get prompt responses to your travel queries within the app. This helps in smooth communication between travelers and service providers

Support & Maintenance

Once your app has been built, it requires 24/7 support and maintenance because of any unforeseen issue that may occur on the live server. Our support team can analyze your travel application and identify which issue it is facing so that they can resolve it and make it consistent and robust. This increases reliability and helps the users use the app without possible hindrances and security loopholes. 


We are pro in integrating payment methods like stripe, Paypal, in-app purchases of apple and google, and many other options. Clients prefer to have an E-payment feature for their users to pay online for any digital service they are availing of in the travel app. It enables the consumers to have smooth transactions and reduces the amount the manual interference outside the application


It’s crucial to maintain complete confidentiality of the data of the patients. According to HIPAA compliance there are three rules for protecting patient:

  • The Privacy Rule.
  • The Security Rule.
  • The Breach Notification Rule.

When developing any health care solution app, it’s important to make your app fully compliant with HIPAA, so that it ensures the complete security of the patient database. Generally it costs around $50,000 on average to make an app fully HIPAA compliant.

Usually, it depends on the scope of the app where the whole process of design and discovery is involve. When talking about such app, it usually takes 9 to 10 weeks max time to develop. 

There could be number real world solution that such application can solve:

  • Online Pharmacy.
  • Consultancy and Diagnosis.
  • Healthy lifestyle blog apps etc.

It depends upon the project requirement that an ongoing support is required after the deployment. It’s a part of agreement that is acknowledged from both parties.