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Choosing on-demand and competitive frameworks to meet market requirements these days is important. React Native application development is the best when the client requires cross-platform iOS and Android platforms. We at 5stardesigners build mobile applications and offer best-in-class cross-platform app development services. We are well known as one of the react-native mobile app development companies in the UK because our number of projects have been delivered smoothly for different businesses from various industries using this framework.

Let us boost your million-dollar idea and turn it into reality with our React Native application development services.

We use GitLab, for version Controlling, Fastlane for automation of processes and tools like Jira, Trello, and Freedcamp for Project Management and communication with clients. This helps us in ensuring the productivity and quality of our projects.

Before initiating any project we sign an NDA with our clients to take care of their intellectual property security.

Our services like react native application development is the best suitable for front-end developers and it helps us in delivering applications quickly to our clients without compromising the quality of features.

Let us validate your million-dollar idea and pivot it with our React Native development services


We as a pioneer app development Company, devise a scope of work document & user stories that are focused on the requirements set by the client and consider every possible user action to ensure functionalities work accordingly


Our UI/UX experts design exceptional high fidelity clickable prototypes for custom apps so that our clients can have a user journey before the actual development of an app. Once those designs are approved, our developers begin the development


In mobile app development service, our Quality assurance engineers work towards testing every interface for your App & also guarantee it’s 100% Bug-Free!


After our mobile app developers deploy apps to the live server, we give a 30- day warranty to provide support and maintenance for the developed solution

Our Expert Team:

One of the many reasons clients prefer building their app with react native is that it is known as the best for its reusability of the same codebase, which decreases the number of resources required in the development process.

We have experienced React Native developers that follow analytical approaches and are fully capable to deliver optimal solutions with excellent performance and a native UX.
Our continuous efforts in streamlining and improving our cross-platform app development processes over the past years have made us stand out in the market.

We Provide

React Native Consultancy

Businesses looking to quickly transform their ideas into an app can connect with our team that follows the right strategy and ideal framework to assist our clients. We listen to your idea, understand requirements and project goals, and provide you with an executable plan that explains the phases and workflows we follow that can turn your idea into a highly profitable mobile application with the estimated resources and timeline required.

MVP Phase Development

Developing an app in the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) phase is the best technique to refine the product based on market requirements and consumer feedback. If you want to analyze the potential in the initially developed features of your app or if you have budget constraints in developing a full-fledged application in one go. We can help you kick-start your project in the MVP phase by building a scalable architecture for you.

React Native Web Development

Our pool of remarkable front-end Web developers are well trained and experienced in ReactJS libraries and extensions. Our experience in web development makes us deliver highly robust and efficient web applications to our clients. We have built SAAS models, Control panels, and other web-based applications using React Platform. Despite the project complexities, our team ensures the quality of the project and carefully handles all the integrations and user experience elements.

Project Quality

The architecture of our software applications is scalable enough to increase the magnitude of the project in the future if required. When the requirement of the project is complex, we run a proof of concept activity first, to validate if the requirement is viable or not. After a successful POC, we begin with the development and deployment phase of the app and deliver a functional product that carries out the client's requirements. Our processes and tools are robust to deliver applications with quality.

Product Development

We excel in building end-to-end solutions using react native framework in less time and development effort. We have successfully developed and deployed several react-native applications on stores. Our apps are of high performance and powerful enough to compete in the market. We conceptualize the client's idea, refine it and provide them high fidelity designs that are ready to go in the development phase. Our team performs rigorous testing and deploys the project in stores when it is bug-free

React Native Migration

Do you wish to change your mobile app from a native app to a hybrid platform? React Native is a powerful cross-platform framework that delivers cost-effective, efficient apps with the excellent UI/UX element. Clients who want to migrate their platform from traditional ones to modern technology frameworks can connect with us because we offer tech stack migrations on React Native with smooth delivery of features. We enjoy serving our clients with the latest technologies that can provide them folds of profits for their business


React Native applications are cost-effective as compared to native apps because React Native requires fewer development resources and eventually produces faster results.
Our costing model for react native is based on several factors like:
1) Scope of the project
2) Complexity level
3) No. of interfaces of the app

Our Development team can consolidate a React Native app into a single codebase in lesser time as compared to building a native app for both iOS and Android.
The project timeline is based on the requirements and complexity of features. We have previously delivered React Native apps in 2, 4, 6, and 8 months based on their project scope

Our team can consolidate a React Native app into a single codebase for iOS and Android, but we cannot proceed with react native framework if the client requires a single codebase for three platforms i.e. iOS, Android, web

As per the project scope, our project managers and business analyst team will stay connected with you to provide project updates from time to time(daily or weekly). The client communication tools we use are mainly freed camp or slack.

Clients who want to migrate their platform from traditional ones to modern technology frameworks can connect with us because we offer tech stack migrations on React Native with smooth delivery of features. Our professional developers with the right skills and expertise can help you in migrating your existing application to React Native framework.