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Food Application Development

The food industry is highly competitive these days because of the ongoing demand in the market. Food businesses need to stay ahead in such a competitive market by offering digital services that are convenient and innovative. At 5star Designers, we can help you build an app to solve all your business needs.

Here is why Food Apps are in demand these days

Many restaurants are turning their businesses to online ordering apps to make their customers’ lives easier.

These apps allow users to purchase food from eateries directly from their smartphones or tablets—and even pick them up at the restaurant by making pre-orders!

Such apps could also offer delivery options.

So if you are not willing to leave home just yet (or if you don’t have time), you can order online.
If you want to make your business accessible to your audience then you must need to make it digital by building an app as a one-stop solution for consumers.


We agree that grocery shopping is a chore that people cannot delay as it is a necessity. Now businesses are developing grocery apps and have made it possible for users to get their groceries delivered to their doorsteps after a few clicks. It can have as many options based on consumer demand. And now grocery marts can go digital through these apps apart from having a physical entity.


Eateries are adopting this digital model in their businesses and becoming more accessible to users. As much as these food delivery apps have made it convenient for customers to order their food online, it has also cut a lot of costs on the users’ end, for example, two-way fuel expenses. People who want to save time and are not ready for a dine-out can simply order their food through online food delivery apps.


As the number of food businesses is increasing, it has become difficult to identify the best quality. Ratings and Review Apps are the best way for users to look when they want to choose the best eatery nearby. These apps have positive and negative ratings and reviews regarding different restaurants. It allows users to rate their favorite restaurant with 5stars and it helps others to see which food places have the best feedback so that they can choose it for their dine-in.


To make your restaurant’s business processes steady and smooth, you need to have a rider system that helps you engage your customers. It helps you stay connected with your audience and makes the delivery process efficient. Rider Apps track the location of riders while also sending the delivery status to customers via text message or email. This way, businesses can track that their riders are delivering orders as quickly and accurately as possible.

Let us build you an App that will drive maximum ROI in your Food Business

We have a team of software developers who are skilled enough to build mobile apps and web applications for food businesses. Our team can build your app from scratch or customize it based on your requirements. We also have a team of customer support and product managers who can help you with the post-launch activities. Your business will get more customers and increase its revenue.


Online Tracking

Riders do not need to stay engaged on an app to inform the users and restaurants about their location. Riders can carry the order and deliver it to the location while their app will display the estimated time of delivery or the pin location of the restaurants or users. The tracking details can also include the date and time that an order was placed (or accepted). This can be useful if someone needs help identifying what went wrong with an order during the delivery process

Menu and Deals

The menu is the most important part of your app because it stores all the information about what items are on sale, how much they cost, and any other detail that you want to convey to users. Menu Items depict what the business offers. And it is usually displayed by default on the home page of the app so that users can view it directly after opening the app. Users can add these items to their cart to buy and can also view more details about them by tapping on that item.

User Engagement/Interaction

Food apps have better ways to engage the audience as compared to traditional methods. Such as being able to receive confirmation text messages after placing an order so there are no doubts about whether or not the customer's meal will arrive on time or not. Allowing them to share their experience on social media or other platforms. Sending them to push notifications if there are discount codes available. This helps in user retention and increases the time a user spends on the app.

Order Management

This feature can perform complete order management like tracking, processing, and fulfilling orders for a restaurant. Order tracking helps you know about your customers' orders and their delivery status at any time. It is a key feature of any e-commerce platform. Order management helps you in finding out when your customers place an order, when it starts preparing, which rider is delivering it and when it has reached the customer. It improves customer satisfaction and increases sales.

Payment system

The payment functionality is essential for an online restaurant app. It helps customers use their credit or debit cards to pay their bills online without any problems or issues. We ensure that the online payment is fast and secure enough to make your app reliable. We develop digital payment transfer options like stripe, PayPal, google, and apple pay to allow users to create digital wallets and smoothify their daily eCommerce transactions.