Real estate app development


Are you ready to grow in the real estate industry? Go digital with our app development services. Make the purchasing and selling of your property less time-consuming and speedy with our robust real estate application development services.
Our team of professionals follows a user-centric approach and develop high-quality real estate apps that help our clients in growing their business to the next level.

Type of Real Estate Application you can build with us

We are known for our development services in the UK and US region. Our high-tech solutions have helped 100s of businesses in fulfilling their customer needs.  


Real Estate industry requirements gradually change now depending on factors such as cost, behavioural patterns of buyers and sellers, market value, and other expenses.   


That is why we, as a real estate app development company, recognise the increase in demands and gradual changes in the requirements of the real estate industry and cater to it with our comprehensive features in the app. This provides higher customer satisfaction to our clients and helps in the overall growth of their businesses.


Some of the real estate apps that you can build depending upon your choice and needs are listed below.


A quick and easy solution for people looking to sell or purchase a property. Property estimator can help in estimating the value of the property you are buying or selling. Just answer a few questions, and enter the requirements like no. of rooms, area, size of land, etc. And get the estimated value of the property based on the market’s current value.


If you are looking for a realtor who can guide you about the value and conditions of properties in a specific location, then finding them in the nearby estate agencies might not help you as it is a time-consuming task and some realtors also deal location-wise. You can have an app where people can enter a location and a property they want to rent/buy/sell. The smart search can get them the realtors who will deal with them in that area.


These kind of apps are mostly available on play and app store, which users can download and search properties of their own choice. You can build similar apps but with customisations according to your requirements.
Homes, apartments, and plots are available for rent or sale on such apps in different locations. Which provides ease for the users to find the home of their own choice.



If the location you are purchasing in is worth it or not. The home you are buying is leased and does not have any debt or legal cases on it. How much renovation will it require? What is the age of the property? 

For all such questions book a consultancy appointment with a property inspector who has 5-star reviews from other users.


Having mobile apps for your customers isn’t enough. To have complete control of your mobile app features you can have an admin control panel. Where the dashboard can display recent activities, user engagements, and data of the app. And you can also have customized features where you can add delete and manage property listings and users of your app.


If you want to build something big for your audience which can become their one-stop solution then it can be an app that has all the features like property estimation, home finder, and search for realtors or property inspectors. It can help you gain a bigger mass of audience and provide them all in one solution with a comprehensive real estate application.

Go Digital and Drive the Maximum ROI in your Real Estate business

According to the National Association of Realtors, it shows that 73% of home buyers use their smartphones and smart devices to search for properties. This is one of the reasons why real estate owners are going digital. Because now is the time to serve your customers what they want.

Connect with us now and unlock this unmatched opportunity of building a high-end real estate application.


Realtime Chatting

Chat has become the most required feature in apps nowadays. Having it in your app can help you connect buyers and sellers. As it will smooth the communication and process of the dealing.

Book an Appointment

Scheduling a meeting with a real estate agent can be quick with just one tap in your app. Book an appointment and visit the locations on the decided date and time. This can fulfill the urgent requirements of the individuals.

Push notifications

With notifications, don't let your users miss anything, and keep them up-to-date with the latest opportunities. Save a significant amount of time and update the registered users of your app with new features and important information by sending notifications to them.

Property Listing

Listings may contain all the properties you would like to show to the app users. And it can allow them to search, filter, and choose the property of their preference from the listing in the app. Clicking on any of the options from the app will display them with the details of that particular property

Map Navigation

If the user has chosen a property based on their liking, they will want to visit it. And for that, the Map navigation feature can assist them in viewing that area on the map and also help them in reaching that pinpoint location.

Virtual Tours

With the advanced technology, it has now become common to give virtual tours of properties to users sitting in their own homes. With a virtual tour feature, allow your users to have a real-life experience remotely, without any hassle.


It’s important to know your audience, before you’re thinking of getting a real estate app developed. We are living in the era of technological advancements; so it’s important to understand and provide a complete solution for the real-world problem.

Real Estate Applications provide an interactive platform that enables the communication between the buyer and seller to connect and get their deal done.  The property owners get a platforms to showcase their property and connect to property seekers. Meanwhile, agency partners also gets to communicate with the buyers and sellers.

There could be a number of challenges that the product owners can face while developing a real estate app. 

It is important to have all payment methods integrated over the real estate platform to allow the customers perform their transactions smoothly; i.e. Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal etc.

It depends upon the project requirement that an ongoing support is required after the deployment. It’s a part of agreement that is acknowledged from both parties.