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Music App Development Solutions

One of our primary services is Music App development. We assist clients globally in developing first-class music applications that serve advanced features and high-end user experience. 

If you want to bring revolution to the music industry by building an app for the market. Then we can provide you with the best solutions that win against the overflowing competition in the music industry’s market. 

Earn Billions of profits with an App for music industry

According to research, the music streaming industry is predicted to hit $50 Billion in the next three years. So now is the chance for you to hire a music app development company that can deliver a solution to the entertainment needs of users.

Spotify and Soundcloud are famous music streaming apps that tells the size of the music industry market you can target.   

5stardesigners have experience development experts who have hands-on experience in developing top-notch apps. 


Users have said goodbye to the conventional method of downloading music on their local storage of mobile phones since the music streaming apps jumped in. Now the music is available in just one tap which you can play, listen and enjoy. We promise you the best music streaming app development services.


We have worked on similar apps which allow people to let them listen to their notes/lyrics and any text they want if they face difficulty reading. Such apps are also helpful for dyslexic people. Adding customized features to the app can make it more engaging and interactive for your audience.


This is becoming more common among the people who love to sing. They can download and use apps that allow them to record their vocals, and edit and mix them with soundtracks or instrumental sounds in the background to create a symphony. This is how the singers can get an online platform they can use as their digital music studio.


Now every entertainment app, such as Facebook, and Instagram allow users to go live and share their moments. You can also go ahead and create a similar app for music lovers. In the past years, we have developed such apps; which let people go live and share their talent online with the community. Our expert team of specialists can also help you in developing what you want


Netflix has become a rage these days because it ended the monotony of forced programming on the user. Now, the user can use its Video on Demand Streaming Apps and build its programming schedule without downloading anything onto its device. Our app development team can build a VOD streaming app for you that can easily allow users to play, rewind, pause videos, create playlists, view recommendations, and much more.


Just like everything else, users also want to watch TV via streaming it live these days. We have an expert team on board that can build a live TV streaming app for your channel that allows your users to watch any of your broadcasts in HD quality anywhere they want.

Now is the time to choose the right Music App Development Company

The above-mentioned types can be a few of the many options available. You can go ahead and choose which kind of music app you want for your users, and let us help you. It can be a music listening app or a gaming app in which users identify which song belongs to who? Or a music database app containing all the history and details against each soundtrack? Or a music teaching app etc. From brainstorming and storyboarding to design and development, we deliver a completely functional, high-end solution to our clients.


Offline Downloading

Users love it when they are allowed to save, mark as favorites or download the songs or tracks they find interesting. This is the must-have option in today's music streaming apps to let users download what they like in your app so that they can access it offline as well.


As you provide high-end features in your app, then you have the best way to monetize it as well. Keep a charge from the creators who create and publish their music on your platform and the music listeners who would want to listen to their favorite artists. We can help you in having in-app purchases and other payment integrations in your music application.

Music Sharing

Give a social networking touch to your music app and make it even more engaging and entertaining. The music sharing feature is one of the best options you can give to music lovers using your app. Through this, they can share their favorite music or audio with their friends within or outside the app anytime.

Playlist creations

We all are fond of listening to our favorite songs every other day. Having a playlist feature can help in this. Because users can listen to the songs based on what they prefer each day depending on their mood. And they can have their playlists based on the artists' names or music types like jazz-rock, folk, and hip hop.

Recommended genres

As the world is getting advanced, so are we. Giving smart and advanced features like recommended genres based on the user's most listened to songs and their interests could be a unique selling point of your music app. Let the music lovers in your app explore the songs and tracks of their interest

Push Notifications

Push notifications can keep your users up-to-date with the latest soundtracks or music available in your app. Save a significant amount of time and automate the process of updating the registered users of your app by sending them notifications about new music or the latest features. And also, ping them about any important information.


It’s crucial to maintain complete confidentiality of the data of the patients. According to HIPAA compliance there are three rules for protecting patient:

  • The Privacy Rule.
  • The Security Rule.
  • The Breach Notification Rule.

When developing any health care solution app, it’s important to make your app fully compliant with HIPAA, so that it ensures the complete security of the patient database. Generally it costs around $50,000 on average to make an app fully HIPAA compliant.

Usually, it depends on the scope of the app where the whole process of design and discovery is involve. When talking about such app, it usually takes 9 to 10 weeks max time to develop. 

There could be number real world solution that such application can solve:

  • Online Pharmacy.
  • Consultancy and Diagnosis.
  • Healthy lifestyle blog apps etc.

It depends upon the project requirement that an ongoing support is required after the deployment. It’s a part of agreement that is acknowledged from both parties.