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scheduling App of golfers

An app for golfers to join or host an on-ground golf game and invite other golfers online. Scheduling of golf and chat options with team players help golfers to interact with other players.

Project Description

A notification will then be sent to the golfers who either accept or decline the invite. They are then added to the round if accepted. If a friend has invited and you have accepted the invite to a round you can only then cancel and not invite the round details which will notify the host. The host of a round can choose to edit or cancel the round. Following are the main features of App

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Component 32 – 1
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Component 34 – 1
Component 35 – 1
Component 36 – 1
Targeted Market

Any age group of users who have an interest in Golf Game

Tech Stack

Web: React js
Backend: Laravel
Frontend: React Native

Team Composition

1 Back End Dev, 1 Front End Dev, 1 Web App Dev, 1 QA Engineer, 1 PM/ BA


4 Months

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