scheduling App of golfers
An app for golfers to join or host an on-ground golf game and invite other golfers online. Scheduling of golf and chat options with team players help golfers to interact with other players.

Project Description

In this application a notification is sent to the golfers who either accept or decline the invite. They are then added to the round if accepted. If a friend has invited and you have accepted the invite to a round you can only then cancel and not invite the round details which will notify the host. The host of a round can choose to edit or cancel the round. Following are the main features of App

Targeted Market
Any age group of users who have an interest in Golf Game
Tech Stack
Web: React js
Backend: Laravel
Frontend: React Native
4 Months
Team Composition
  • 1 Back End Dev
  • 1 Front End Dev
  • 1 Web App Dev
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 PM/ BA