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E-Commerce App Development

As the world is progressing, it is becoming more and more digitized with each passing day. Recently, the pandemic has been evident proof of how digitalization has made our lives much more convenient and efficient. From finding products to services, everything is available on the internet. The buying and selling of goods or services via digital transactions are known as e-commerce. In the last few years, the e-commerce industry has experienced massive growth. There is now a huge number of customers and an ever-growing demand we are catering to as an e-commerce app development company.

Why you should choose our E-Commerce App Development services?

The e-commerce solution we will build for you will increase your accessibility to customers by being readily available on their smartphones. We reduce the hassle of consumers by making the entire buying process smoother and faster. Hence, our eCommerce clients get an increased number of customers. And it also generates profit for their businesses.  

However, this has also resulted in creating immense competition in the market. But a professional mobile app development company like ours can always help you stand out and attract customers by providing them with a seamless shopping experience via an eCommerce app.


Have control over the businesses you choose to get registered on your platform and have a KYC process for their verification within the app. 

For B2C apps, you can have access to monitoring and managing the buying and selling of products within your app, and you can monetize it by charging a percentage from the brands that are earning through your platform. This will help the buyers in your app to have multiple sellers from whom they can buy, and allow businesses to earn


Your app can provide selling between businesses with no middle party. This kind of app usually works on the bulk type of orders. Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart are well-known B2B industry disruptors. Your B2B app can have similar features to like other eCommerce apps. But it will be designed and tailored specifically for the target audience who are businesses.


The increased number of people using smartphones today demands apps to be available on app stores apart from their digital existence on the only web. For seamless access to eCommerce consumers of our clients, our professional teams work to provide features like advanced search, purchase products, 24/7 support, payment integration, and customized options.


From design to development, visibility is an element that tells your app users where what and how they can perform a certain action. Product owners are inclined towards making certain Unique selling features more visible in the app to make it stand out. Features like add to cart, payment gateway, search filters, etc. need to be in front of the user’s eye view with a specific color, font, and style to make it easier for the user to use it.

Here is what you can have in your E-commerce Application

Have you done all the brainstorming and mind mapping to build an eCommerce app? Now it’s time to connect with the right eCommerce app development company that can build you develop a seamless application. 

At 5stardesigners, you can build an app that keeps track of the latest trends, profits, or losses in your business. And also can make your business straightforward and uncomplicated in terms of advanced features like product listings, real-time chats, reviews, smart search, and much more.


Faster and Safe Payments

The most integral part of an eCommerce site is the fast and secure payment feature for consumers. We can help you have digital payment transfer options using stripe, PayPal, google, and apple pay. Create digital wallets and smoothify your customer's daily eCommerce transactions.

Loading Time

To gain customers' attraction to your app, it is important to display a wide range of variety in your eCommerce products. It increases audience interaction and retention in your app. With us, you can deal with a large amount of data without impacting the performance of your app. Our app optimization techniques are the best suited for the eCommerce industry.

Personalized Content

Tailoring the digital content of your eCommerce application and making it personalized for each user can help you gain user retention much more. You can display products, ads, and listings based on users' interest and their recent searches. This will help you speak indirectly to your consumers and fulfill their buying and selling needs.

Offline Access

Offline accessibility is highly in-demand these days for the users of your app. Building your app in such a way that a network connection may go down, but the users should still be able to access apps and view products on your app's home page. This will not only give a seamless user experience but also make your product more reliable in the market.

Push notifications

With notifications, don't let your users miss anything, and keep them up-to-date with the latest opportunities. Save a significant amount of time and update the registered users of your app with new features and important information by sending notifications to them.


Not every user who is coming to your app is going to buy a product immediately, but they might mark some of the products as favorites which they can view later. To retain the such type of users and to promote customer loyalty, having a wishlist feature is the best option. This feature will let them add the products they like to their wishlist, which they can buy later.


One of the major concerns while looking for developing an ecommerce app is ‘Security’. When the customers are making any online payments, there’s a big concern regarding the security issues of the customer’s banking information. To avoid problems like identity theft or credit card fraud it is important to choose the guarded payment gateways.

It is important to have all payment methods integrated over the ecommerce platform to allow the customers perform their transactions smoothly; i.e. Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal etc.

Usually, it depends on the scope of the app where the whole process of design and discovery is involve. When talking about the ecommerce app, it usually takes 3 to 4 months max time to develop. 

Google Analytics is the most commonly used open-source platform that provides insights of the estimated earnings and revenues of the app. There are other platforms as well that provides complete insights of the ecommerce.

It depends upon the project requirement that an ongoing support is required after the deployment. It’s a part of agreement that is acknowledged from both parties.