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How we are adding value to this industry as Health Care App Development Company

In today’s era; the digitalization of almost every industry is becoming essential. Health Care Industry is one of the top industries contributing to global digitalization. As a software app development company, we have been actively playing our part and being a helping hand in the automation of the healthcare industry. Our healthcare applications have been beneficial for doctors and patients and our apps also make it easier for people around the globe, to choose a trusted healthcare service, which has a great deal of recognition and reviews.

Choose us to innovate your healthcare business

Our diversified team always works to provide inventive solutions to assist you in overcoming your healthcare business problems with the latest technologies. With vast experience in the tech industry, our team always makes sure to understand and deliver secure and compliant software. Health Care Industry has major concerns in terms of data security, and to ensure that, we provide robust solutions that do not compromise the efficiency, security, and data integrity of our systems.


The US Foods & Drugs Administration holds the authority to legalize the use of all medicines, food products, and any other edible or consumable item. Our priority is to make sure that the authenticity of the products that our clients want us to list on the app is approved by the FDA standards if the app is being published in the US region.


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is United States legislation that acquires the data privacy and security provisions of the medical information of the end-users. Our apps which store, manage or perform data transmission for any health information are HIPAA compliant


This system can automate the workflows of your pharmacy. Store data of your healthcare medicines, organize and manage it online with the number of clicks. The advanced system can also help you with Real-time, on-hand inventory information of each patient along with their verification.


The most commonly available app in stores right now is the one through which you can find doctors available nearby. To make it customize, you can also include your own choice of features to make it a comprehensive and one-stop solution for the patients.

Delivering ingenious Healthcare Applications

On a global scale, numerous tech giants have contributed to delivering healthcare solutions. Therefore, it’s the best way to pick the healthcare app development company that has previously evolved the IT market in healthcare. Whether you’re, you’re seeking out nearshore or an offshore healthcare software program improvement, dealer choice is probably a protracted and complex process. Here’s what to search for in an ability dealer: With – years of experience in the app development industry; our technical team is dedicated to making the most actionable results and creating a high-value return on your business investment.


SMS Alert

Expedite your patient's queries and serve them with the latest update about your healthcare business vis SMS alerts. We help clients in developing a system from which they can send customized SMS alerts to the users of their app.

Realtime chatting

Consult with the doctors and healthcare service providers with a real-time chatting feature and be able to get prompt responses to your medical queries. This help in smooth communication between patients and service providers in the app

Live video consultation

Online chat with the doctors is not enough. Because when it comes to medical and health concerns, people resist taking chances. That is why we can develop a live video consultation feature for our clients which can connect both parties on a video or an audio call.

Healthcare Activity Tracking

For patients that are aged and require monitoring, this is the best way to help them. Having a system that monitors their health and provides information about their body. Such as blood pressure, heart rate, and several steps that are taken regularly.

Advance Recommendation system

To keep up with today's market, it has become essential for healthcare providers to have advanced features that have AI or Machine Learning. It helps in recommending patients their diets based on their calories burnt, Blood pressure, and sugar levels. It eases the to and fro visits of patients to the hospitals and is beneficial for health care experts as well.

Medical Symptoms-checking options

You can have this feature in your healthcare app, as it will be beneficial for health-conscious people to pre-identify the disease or any medical issue they might be facing currently. And to make the software more advanced, you can help those patients to further connect with the healthcare experts who need to visit them for further diagnoses of the issue they are facing.


It’s crucial to maintain complete confidentiality of the data of the patients. According to HIPAA compliance there are three rules for protecting patient:

  • The Privacy Rule.
  • The Security Rule.
  • The Breach Notification Rule.

When developing any health care solution app, it’s important to make your app fully compliant with HIPAA, so that it ensures the complete security of the patient database. Generally it costs around $50,000 on average to make an app fully HIPAA compliant.

Usually, it depends on the scope of the app where the whole process of design and discovery is involve. When talking about such app, it usually takes 9 to 10 weeks max time to develop. 

There could be number real world solution that such application can solve:

  • Online Pharmacy.
  • Consultancy and Diagnosis.
  • Healthy lifestyle blog apps etc.

It depends upon the project requirement that an ongoing support is required after the deployment. It’s a part of agreement that is acknowledged from both parties.