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solve agricultural hassles

Kumea is an application which aims to solve all agricultural hassles. The application allows farmers to manage multiple farms and their respective ledgers. Farmers can view and record their farm’s summary, accounts info (Profit and loss), livestock info and other details. Farmers can request different services such as soil testing, plant tissue analysis, water analysis etc. and order from shops registered on Kumea. Payment for shops and services can be made through the app using m-pesa.

Project Description

The web-app is available for three different type of users, shop owners, service providers and the admin. Shop owners and service providers can manage their respective products or services from the WebApp and the Admin can manage shops, service providers and farmers.

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1. Landing Page

Ledger of our overall farm Documents shared with the farmer from the admin panel

2. General Overview

o A detailed overlook of all our farms
o Users can record and keep track of their farm’s economic and general situation
o Information such as accounts and summary get automatically updated based on the notes created in the ledger

3. Services

o Ledger of our overall farm services to assess their farm
o Payment for services through M-pesa

4. Shop

o Users can view and choose from different shops in the map
o Once items have been added to cart users can view their estimated cost of delivery based on the distance
o Payment through M-pesa

Targeted Market

Farmers, Agricultural shop owners and Agricultural service providers

Tech Stack

Java, PHP Laravel
3rd Party Integrations:
M-Pesa payment integration
Open Weather API

Team Composition

1 Back End Dev, 1 Front End Dev, 1 Web App Dev, 1 QA Engineer, 1 PM/ BA


4 Months

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