TheBizkit is a web application designed for network marketers. It is a fully customizable solution with the core features of enterprise & team management. This project is supported by the business model of affiliate marketing. Users can refer other users and earn commission as many users come into the system, the profit keeps increasing.


Project Description

The core functionalities of this project include managing own prospects, activities, and launches. Users can drag and drop the prospects in their sales funnel and record different actions performed on each prospect. Using TheBizkit, users can track their monthly, weekly, daily activities and manage and set launch goals for different campaigns and be completely in control.Users can view their companies and their hierarchies on their profiles. A super admin panel provides more customization options and allows the admin to overlook all the users and their commissions. Admin can also add new enterprises to the system.

1. Home screen

Stories uploaded by user and his friends

Categorized list of movies and TV show

Navigation bar

2. Screenplay categories

List of categories to choose from

Selecting a category redirects us to the list of screenplays in that category

3. Watch-lists

Users can create their personal collection of movies and TV shows

Can view public and friends watch-list

4. Chats

Individual and group chats with friends

Search for friends or chats

View list of friends


1) Contacts & Sales

Contacts & Sales Flow screen helps users to manage their prospects. The three stages i.e. Master list, Pipeline, and Decision-Made allow users to track actions taken on each prospect.

2) Activity Tracker

The activity tracker screen allows users to view and checkmark activities and earn badges on the basis of the progress they are making.

3) Representative Onboarding

The New Representative Onboarding screen helps users to customize 'campaign launches' and view training content for 30 days.

4) Profile Screen

The profile screen contains the user’s personal details, subscription details & commission earned from the platform.

Duration: 6 Months

Tech Stack


React Js







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