Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools in 2022

Many app development companies fail to understand that the true job of making sure their app is successful starts only after you launch it. The list includes marketing, upkeep, monetization, and more.

Standing out becomes important when you realize that there were more than 5,709,276 apps available in the combined Google Play and Apple App Store in 2021.
The success of any app development company depends on app store optimization (ASO), which increases their exposure and organic traffic.

How ASO Tools Help your Business Grow
The success of your mobile app or game depends on app store optimization. Using ASO tools is a wise choice if you want to do it right.
Check out this list if you need assistance selecting the finest app store optimization tool:

One of the top ASO solutions available today, AppTweak is trusted by more than 1,500 mobile leaders. It attempts to boost ad strategy, analyze app performance, increase app visibility and organic downloads, and find new growth prospects.

2. Gummicube
By collaborating with Gummicube, the world leader in app store optimization, you can significantly enhance your downloads and conversion rates by up to 2X–3X. It covers every facet of ASO, such as:
Market Analysis and Strategy
Enhanced Search Paid Search (Apple Search Ads & UAC)

3. The ASO Project
A full-service App Store Optimization company is The ASO Project. With a focused team of ASO Pros, Apple Search Ad experts, designers, video editors, mobile strategists, and a unique reporting dashboard, you can boost your app’s organic installations.

4. AppFollow
AppFollow HBO, Zynga, JamCity, Disney, Comcast, Sony, Yahoo, Vevo, Autodesk, Hubspot, Flo, and many more are just a few of their clients.

5. App Radar
You may carefully examine how your app is found using App Radar. This powerful technology guarantees to increase your user base with the help of an AI engine and save 3–10 hours per month on ASO effort.

6. Asodesk
There is one way to expand your app business! Ecosystem for promoting mobile businesses. It consists of data and tools for mobile marketing, working with an app and product reviews, training, and agency services.

7. Checkaso
Checkaso is an analytical tool that analyzes your ASO performance and provides you with personalized recommendations for how to do so. It was developed by ASO experts and is suitable for users of any expertise level, including novices and enthusiasts.

8. Sensor Tower
Mobile app market leaders rely on the strong platform Sensor Tower for crucial data-driven competitive insights and comprehension of the worldwide app economy. The company’s solution has sufficient functionality to boost app store optimization and app downloads.

9. Split Metrics
A wonderful ASO tool for increasing organic traffic and reducing user acquisition expenditures is Split Metrics. Businesses including Lab Cave, Zimad, Lovoo, Verv, Wallapop, Yandex, Mytona, and Fruit Ninja use it.

10. Geeklab
For app store look-alike sites in Google Play, iOS App Store, and Huawei app Gallery, Geeklab offers an a/b testing tool. Live games and games that are still in the concept stage are both available for testing. You may independently design, carry out, and analyze a/b tests thanks to the software’s simple interface.

Final Words
The core goal of ASO is to increase your apps’ exposure in app store search engines like Google Play or the Apple App Store. Any app development company can support other objectives like traffic to your web app and downloads by boosting awareness.

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