The purpose of this website is to provide a platform to selfie lovers. This website was created by having a complete focus of leading trend of taking selfies all over the world.


  • Zoobers gets its website users a complete platform to post their best selfies, like, comment and share others selfies with their families and friends.
  • It incorporates some of the good features of many world’s leading websites like Facebook.
  • Landing page of the site requires visitor to get signup/login in order to get access to the foresaid features of the site.
  • Some other features are: search for friends, following and followers, Notification tab that will notify you of all the concerned activities on yours and others selfies, Invite a friend to join Zoobers, Search a selfie and lots more.
  • The website is user friendly.

Platform Used:

PHP, Jquery, Ajax

Url: http://clients.5stardesigners.net/zoober/

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