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Mobile Application

Abstract :

A mobile application that allows a user to take pictures of two items and ask friends to choose the better one of the two. Friends can vote and the user can see which item is getting the most votes.

Problem Statement:

Every once in a while, you may need a second opinion on something whether it be choosing between two T-shirts or deciding where to go on vacations. The idea was to build a platform where people would ask for opinions through a poll on which their friend circle can vote.

Solution Overview:

Based on the idea, we developed a mobile application through which the users were able to create polls and invite their friends on the poll to vote. Application enabled users to vote and comment on invited polls. This platform allowed the users to have cumulative and multiple opinions on a poll.

Project Timeline:

Discovery & Development: 2.5 Months

Project Team Composition:

Tech Lead, Project Manager/Business Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Back-end Developer, UI/UX Architect, SQA Engineer.

Tools Used