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Mobile Application

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Mobile Application

Abstract :

This application acts as a social media platform for food lovers and helps them discover popular recipes and restaurants around their area. This app allows the users to interact with other foodies, users can also order food directly through this application.

Problem Statement:

Finding a good place to eat, when moving to a new town/city has always been a hassle. People find it difficult to choose from huge list of food items in restaurant’s menu. This application serves as a platform to share user’s thoughts or reviews on different menu items across the restaurants of that particular town.

Solution Overview:

The main objective of this application is to provide a common platform for the users to order, eat, discuss and review the food recipes of different restaurants. Users and restaurants can both get benefited from this application at the same time. Users can discover new and good places to eat as well as restaurants can grow their businesses through this application.

Project Timeline:

Discovery & Development: 5 Months

Project Team Composition:

Tech Lead, Project Manager/Business Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Back-end Developer, UI/UX Architect, SQA Engineer.

Tools Used