Mobile Application

Bar Social App

Mobile Application

Abstract :

Bar-Social App is a sort of instant dating application. It helps people meet each other at the bar and makes is easier to break the ice with little risk.

Problem Statement:

People are often shy to interact with others at places like bars, pubs and restaurants. Individuals might be interested in getting along with each-other but they find it difficult to make a start even though knowing they might never meet that person again.

Solution Overview:

The idea revolves around getting people along without any fuss by letting the users share their pictures and instant chat with each other. This platform will also act as a tool which will offer bars to help drive their business.

Project Timeline:

Discovery & Development: 3 Months

Project Team Composition:

Tech Lead, Project Manager/Business Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Back-end Developer, UI/UX Architect, SQA Engineer.

Tools Used