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Finance Application Development Service

We at 5stardesigners assist our clients in the automation of their financial processes. 

We support the Fintech industry from the conceptualization to the planning and execution phase of their custom fintech applications. 

The work in the finance domain demands a highly secure, regulated, and efficient system. Therefore, we deliver our projects with high transparency ensuring quality alongside.

Delivering exceptional B2B and B2C in the Fintech industry.

Our innovative B2B and B2C solutions lower the contemporary challenges faced in the finance industry. Our accumulated experience from the past years in the fintech industry helps us further develop the finance applications that ensure information protection and network security. If you are looking to develop a professional app for the fintech industry then we can provide you with accessible, efficient, secure, and robust software that will fulfill all the banking and finance-related needs of your target audience.


In today’s world, the security and integrity of data are the top priority in sensitive industry sectors. As Finance industry is one of the most likely attacked victims of security breaches. And Finance application development companies like us, make sure that their solutions are professionally made and ensure the quality of the software.


Removing the manual intervention for reporting and monitoring of accounting reports and data automation by providing our high-tech solutions that enable our clients to have their accounting reports ready and automated for millions of records without any hassle.


Banking apps are more likely to get attacked by hackers and breachers. To ensure the quality and avoid such incidents we make sure our clients are proceeding along the regulations required to build the Banking apps. These regulations are mainly based on privacy, security, and data accessibility.


The control panels are built for a better analysis of the user base and activities happening on the app. As it can show all the app analytics on the dashboard and assist business owners to take mandatory actions, like managing their users, and data or it can have any other customized feature they want to have.


To give the best user experience for the consumers, we do what is best in our capacity. Our finance application development services provide advanced wallet systems in the banking and non-banking apps and automate the payment processes as much as possible by making them smooth, secure easier, and more efficient.


We empower the fintech industry by offering the best and most secure financial app development services. Or CRM software can help you in building strong relationships with your clients by having various correspondence channels that may fulfill your banking needs. Having an extensive customized CRM can help you in administration tasks, user management, data analytics, and much more.

Why you should choose 5star designers for Finance App Development Services?

5stardesigners is a UK-based Fintech development service provider that has helped multiple Finance businesses to build top-notch technology solutions. Our team ensures that our software systems revolutionize the Finance app industry and support all our business owner clients achieve their objectives. Our premier finance app development provides a wide range of services for every individual and organization that belongs to the Fintech industry or has finance-related needs.


Data Visualization

Finance apps may deal with billions and trillions of data each day. Data visualization for the app analytics is essential for the app owners to know the growth and transactions made regularly. It also presents the data in the most simple and convenient ways. Like, colorful bar charts, pie charts, and other graphs.

Payments and Transfer

Banking exchanges can be very hectic, especially if it involves manual interventions. Our payment and transfer features have an uncomplicated way of comprehending and tracking the accounts and money of the users without letting them burrow through a comprehensive rundown of banking exchanges.

24/7 Technical Support

Your customers can connect with you if they face any technical issues in the app. The technical support team will be able to receive tickets raised by the consumers on the admin panel and will be able to respond to them back with a solution to their query in just a few couples of clicks.

Account Reports

Imagine doing your budget tasks daily and receiving account reports at the end of the month. It is easier for the users to receive a budget summary, account balance summary, and income statements without calculating them themselves. It is like having an account manager who can fulfill your account needs.


Having a user-centric approach in our finance app development enables our clients to have a better user experience. Finance-related apps are usually boring concerning UI, but we know how to evoke the feeling of uniqueness in our app and design it in such a way that user enjoys using and interacting with it


Usually, it depends on the scope of the app where the whole process of design and discovery is involve. When talking about the ecommerce app, it usually takes 9 to 10 weeks max time to develop. 

There will be a number of options available to ensure the security of such application which mainly depends upon the budget and scope of the project. Such as:

  • Manual Verification.
  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Real-Time Email and Text Alert.
  • End-to-end encryption etc.

It is important to have all payment methods integrated over such platform to allow the customers perform their transactions smoothly; i.e. Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal etc.

Usually, all software application goes from the whole process of SDLC which include the analysis and development etc. But to develop such applications the product owners should:

  • Know their audience.
  • Establish a trusted environment.
  • Plan the MVP.
  • Budgeting for the project etc.

It depends upon the project requirement that an ongoing support is required after the deployment. It’s a part of agreement that is acknowledged from both parties.