General FAQ’s

How does the ordering and design process work?
Answer: The Ordering process is as simple as ‘ABCD’.

  • a) Check all the packages offered and choose to go with the one that best suits you by clicking on ‘Signup’.
  • b) Clicking on Signup will take you to our Design brief page where you are required to fill in information about your required project work and then you click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
  • c) At checkout, you need to register an account with us (*for new customers, existing customer can just use their existing login and password) by filling out relevant information and then click on ‘Confirm Order’
  • d) This will take you to the Paypal secure payment site where you can choose to pay with Paypalaccount or simply use your visa/master/AmEx credit or debit card. Once your payment is confirmed, just sit back and let us do our magic and get back to you within due time with your initial design(s). You will be emailed a link where you can check your design concept(s) and provide us your feedback accordingly. We offer you unlimited revisions on all the design concepts and do not stop working with you until you are completely satisfied with the design work and wish to finalize your design.
What is your turn around time on packages?
Answer: Turn-around time varies from package to package, you can check the details of each package by clicking on ‘Services’ on the main page.
What does 100% Satisfaction Guarantee mean?
Answer: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee refers to the unlimited rounds of revisions that we offer you on all the design concepts that we provide for no additional cost. You may ask us to revise your revise concepts as many times as you feel necessary and will do the changes for you, provided your initial design brief does not change (for details, check our Revisions Policy) . With this you can be sure to achieve the best design for yourself.
What if I do not like any design?
Answer: If you do not like any of the initial design concept(s), you can always ask us to have (all) the design(s) revised and we will provide you with renewed concepts.
How do I get a refund?
Answer: If you feel that we have not met your required design brief OR the initial designs provided to you lack quality or creativity etc., you can straight away ask for your money back and we will refund your money as per our Refund Policy. You can do this by simply emailing us a formal refund request on mentioning the reason(s) for this and we will process your refund (if applicable) as per Policy.
Where is your company based?
Answer: Our company is based in Sharjah, U.A.E. having its design houses both in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E as well as Karachi, Pakistan.
What are the modes of communication with you?
The 2 modes of communication are phone and email. You can reach us on the specified phone numbers within work timings (0600 GMT to 1800 GMT) or email us on
What are the payment options available?
Answer: All major credit/debit cards are accepted through Paypal.
My requirements are not met with the packages offered, what do I do?
Answer: Feel free to put an inquiry on your required project work or email us on and we shall get back to you within 12 hours with the details.

Logo Design FAQ’s

Who owns the rights to the design?
Once you finalize your logo design with us, we provide you its final files in 8 different file formats along with the editable vector file that we work on so you become the rightful owner of your finalized design. We however hold the right to exhibit your logo in our design gallery for our business promotion. We also recommend you have your finalized design registered/trade marked under your name so that there are no copyrights issues in future.
How do I know if the design is unique and not copied or template-based?
We have a team of 12 in-house graphic designers and 5 website designers and developers. We guarantee you 100% unique and customized design or you can have your money back as per our Refund Policy.
How many file formats do I get with my finalized logo?
We provide you 8 file formats to your finalized logo design. These include .ai .psd .eps .png .pdf .tiff .gif and .jpeg.
How do I find out about the color format and color codes of my logo design?
The default color format used is CMYK, unless otherwise specified at the time of order placement. To inquire about color codes, you need to email us on mentioning your order number.

Website Design FAQ’s

Where is my website hosted?
Your website is hosted at or depending upon your location.
I wish to change the hosting of my site, how do I do that?
If you wish to have your site hosted elsewhere, you can either provide us with your hosting details and we will have this done for you or you can fill out the change of hosting requisition form and we will provide you with your website files and you can upload them to your hosting server yourself.
I already have domain and hosting done but do not have a website yet.
If you already have domain and hosting done, you can choose to signup with any of our website package and we will upload your website files to your specified hosting provider by providing us your domain and hosting credentials.
I wish to add more pages to my website.
We give you an organic website that you can grow on anytime later as well. If you feel you need to add more pages to your existing website, there is an additional cost of $40.00/page.
I wish to add more email accounts.
If you wish to add more email accounts, the cost for each additional account is $15.00/year. If you wish to increase your inbox space to 1 GB, the additional cost for this is also $15.00.
I want changes done to my existing website?
If you already have a website and want changes done to it, feel free to drop us a detailed email on or Call us on +1-845-977-4555 and we will provide you a custom quote for your job.


Why do I need SEO services?
SEO services help your site rank better, that means more traffic to your site; therefore, creating better exposure to the public.
What is the best way to determine my online marketing budget?
Your potential return on investment determines your marketing budget. However, Investing on your online marketing may help in raising your revenue as it brings more traffic and business to your site.
How can I have the visibility of my website improved more?
Your potential return on investment determines your marketing budget. However, Investing on your online marketing may help in raising your revenue as it brings more traffic and business to your site.
Does traffic affect my ranking?
NO! A search engine knows only the amount of a traffic they sent to a website and not how much direct or referral traffic your website may get. In short, the only thing that may affect your ranking is a mixture of your link profile, content, domain authority, etc.
What are ‘Black Hat’ and ‘White Hat’ SEO techniques?
White Hat SEO uses safe and best practices. In contrast, Black hat SEO are frowned upon by the search engines.
What if I use ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques?
As a punishment, Search Engine may either remove your site from their directory or put your site to the bottom of the results or altogether.
Which tactics are considered ‘Black-Hat’ SEO Tactics?
Keyword stuffing, Cloaking, Hidden text and Doorway page are considered as ‘Black Hat’ SEO tactics.