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Jet Coin

loyalty rewards

An innovative platform for anyone to launch the careers of tomorrow’s superstars and gain unique rewards from their success.

Project Description

Jetcoin is the platform that aims to give assistance in the talent development in sports and entertainment. A platform where athletes are getting the opportunity to develop their fan base through its unique loyalty rewards and small contracts. Jetcoin can be used to convert any currency creating liquidity and can be used to redeem unique lifestyle experiences.

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1. Talent Icon

You can share your talent with your friends and showcase your talent

2. Contact feature

Helps users to add their friends (ones who have already downloaded the JET Wallet) and enables them to transfer JETs between themselves.

3. JET stream

Allows users to look for available talents and invest in them. By selecting each talent, users can find out how much their image rights are for sale and how many JETs they need to shell out. On entering the amount in the box, uses can buy those image rights.

Jetcoin Institute manages the distribution process of the digital fuel, Jetcoin (JET), via Jetcoin Contracts and proof of social engagement (P.O.S.E.).
JET coin specific tasks include:

  1. Securing and digitizing the IP rights of the Jetcoin Champions.
  2. Development of the Jetcoin Platform.
  3. Raising and overseeing funds allocation.
  4. Recruitment of young up-and-coming talents.
  5. Development and management of strategic partnerships.
  6. Global promotion of the Jetcoin brand.
  7. Development of the Jetcoin Community.
Targeted Market

Any age group of users who have an interest in Jet coins

Tech Stack

Web: React js
Backend: Laravel
Frontend: React Native

Problem Analysis

In Coin Market Cap, users can monitor the market value of JETCOIN (JET) in real time.


4 Months

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