Armbet is a cutting-edge mobile application revolutionizing arm-wrestling worldwide. It fosters a vibrant community with a user-friendly interface for seamless connection, competition, and sharing.

Project Description

Embracing a user-centric approach, Armbet offers in-app purchases, providing access to additional functionalities and premium features, further enhancing the arm wrestling journey. To motivate users and drive healthy competition, the real-time leaderboard enables arm wrestlers to track their progress and compete with others globally. Furthermore, the app also introduces the functionality of “Buy Coins” which allows users to purchase virtual coins within the app. For global reach, Armbet also provides multilingual support, transcending geographical barriers and uniting arm wrestlers from diverse backgrounds.

1. Home screen

Stories uploaded by user and his friends

Categorized list of movies and TV show

Navigation bar

2. Screenplay categories

List of categories to choose from

Selecting a category redirects us to the list of screenplays in that category

3. Watch-lists

Users can create their personal collection of movies and TV shows

Can view public and friends watch-list

4. Chats

Individual and group chats with friends

Search for friends or chats

View list of friends


1. Armbet Homepage

  • • Checkout who has challenged you for an arm-wrestling match, accept/decline the challenge, view how much is at stake for the warriors involved and much more!

2.Challenge Screen

  • • View who is up for the challenge on an atlas map or search up by the wrestler’s name or even enter the place you want the wrestler to be from! Evaluate their matches and even chat with them and lest we forget about the main aspect: challenge them into a match!

3.Leaderboard Screen

  • • See who’s crushing the most matches and stacking the most coins!

Duration: 3 Months

Tech Stack


React Native


Node Js





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