8 Best Ways to Reduce Mobile App Uninstall Rate in 2022

Every day, hundreds of new apps are added to app stores, making it increasingly difficult to attract new customers and maintain existing ones. According to statistics, almost 80% of apps are removed after a single-use. And there is a 60 per cent possibility that a user who has not used the app during the first week will never use it again.

Increasing numbers of mobile users expect to receive all they require instantly; otherwise, they will leave the app or even delete it. Therefore, it is important for an app to capture users’ attention immediately and become an important part of their free time. In other words, the objective is to increase user engagement and gain their loyalty.

Here we will guide you through salient ingredients that will enrich the user experience and the best ways to reduce the mobile app uninstall rate in 2022.

1. Learn from your users (ratings & reviews)
Negative user evaluations not only lower the program’s ranking in the app store but also discourage other users from downloading it. Pay attention to all of the negative feedback and enhance your app to handle the existing problems.

2. User-friendly Interface
Users choose apps with an intuitive interface and straightforward functionality, design, and layouts. Complex applications have a greater rate of uninstallation. Therefore, developers must pay more attention to the app’s UI/UX.

3. Gamify your app to increase user engagement
Gamification will excite your app’s users with a unique experience, and the opportunity for freebies or discounts will encourage them to return to your app repeatedly.

You may choose to establish a recurrent gamified promotion that people would anticipate, such as “Wheel Spin Wednesdays.” In the run-up to the gamification window, automated push messages can generate excitement.

4. Offer Collaborative Support
According to research, only 4% of dissatisfied consumers file formal complaints, while nearly 91% of them simply exit the app owing to a negative experience. Hence, it is important to offer proactive support in the app and reach out to them before an uninstall actually happens.

Mobile customers have too many options in the app store, so losing them after a difficult acquisition is like missing a once-in-a-lifetime wonderful opportunity.

5. Winning Deals
There are some users who forget to utilize an app after installing it or just do not make the effort to uninstall it; hence, the program remains on their device. To make the most of this chance, they can be offered tempting discounts. This will re-engage them, and who knows, maybe the app will become their favorite.

6. Offer Promotion
Also, the user is expected to return more frequently if the app features savings and promotions. According to a survey, 30% of users will consider returning to or downloading an app if a discount or voucher is offered for their next transaction.

7. Understand Basic Rules to Optimize
To optimize engagement and conversion while maximizing user interface and user experience, one must:
● Conduct A/B testing
● Ensure brightness, color, and fonts are aesthetically pleasant.
● Provide an extraordinary user interface for the mobile application.
● Maintain a consistent UI throughout the program so that users can quickly identify the usage pattern.

I am sure you must have understood how to optimize your mobile app. Here’s a nice detailed checklist of mobile app launch for 2022 where you can easily understand how you could launch your app in the play store, or app store. 

8. Create a Complaint Forum
Create a private forum for customer complaints. Before a user decides to remove an app, the only way to understand what they are searching for, the issues they are experiencing, and how to improve their experience is to listen to what they have to say.

Final Words
Neither developing an app nor placing it on app stores is very challenging; rather, the difficulty lies in proving the app’s value and retaining users for an extended period of time. You can follow the above best ways to reduce the mobile app uninstall rate in 2022.

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